The Adoption ProcessThe Foster/Adopt Process

How Can You Adopt a Waiting Child?How Can You Adopt a Waiting Child?

If you are ready to make a difference in a child’s life, the first step is to call us at (toll-free) 888-732-4453. We'll tell you about the children and our process, ask you a few questions, and tell you when and where our next orientation is.

The Training ProcessThe Training Process

Adoption SF serves children who come from a variety of challenging backgrounds. Our training sessions give you insight into the complexities of early trauma as well as new ways of helping children heal and thrive.

The 20-hour training consists of three 9am-3pm Saturday sessions and one 6-8pm evening session.


We understand that during the home study process you will trust us with sensitive information, and we guard that information carefully. Confidentiality is a top priority. In addition, Federal Law is very specific about confidentiality for both your family and the children with whom we work.

Milestones in the Adoption ProcessMilestones in the Foster/Adopt Process

  1. Call Adoption SF

  2. Attend orientation

  3. Fill out the Family Fact Sheet

  4. Personal interview

  5. Training program

  6. Home study interviews (4-6 months)

  7. Match with a waiting child

  8. Visitation with child

  9. Child placed in home as foster child

  10. Adoption process begins

  11. Negotiation of adoption

  12. Assistance Program financial aid

  13. Finalization of adoption




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